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Two brothers aim to change the world with popcorn

kettle heroes popcorn two brothers

Popcorn is probably one of America’s favorite snacks, and brothers Rudi and Aaron Sinykin have harnessed the popularity of this treat as a way to give back to their community.

For years, the Sinykin brothers worked in corporate America; Aaron was with Intel, and Rudi was with Rubbermaid. Their first foray into entrepreneurship came when they joined forces to operate some Subway franchises for several years. Still not feeling fulfilled, they left the franchise business to do something more meaningful.

“We couldn’t do this working in a franchise situation, where the bulk of our proceeds went back to corporate Subway,” Rudi said. “We knew if we were the owners and operators of our concept, then we could use the funds in our local community.”

In 2013, Kettle Heroes was born, and the name itself is synonymous with its mission.

Two brothers aiming to change the world with popcorn news article.


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