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How Do You Display Popcorn at Wedding?

How Do You Display Popcorn at Wedding

Food is an important part of every wedding. Dessert tables are a perfect place to display popcorn at a wedding and add a touch of fun and creativity to your wedding food selection.

There are many creative and original ways to display popcorn at a wedding. The popcorn bars for weddings are trendy these days, so it is pretty easy to find inspiration and ideas for your big day.

The popcorn bars are an excellent snack choice for every wedding, regardless of their theme and venue.

Here are some ideas on how to display popcorn at your wedding:

  • Use decorated popcorn boxes and place them at the center of your dessert table to enhance your food display
  • Create a themed popcorn bar in line with your wedding theme
  • Use popcorn boxes or bags as treats to hand out to your guests
  • Use bushel baskets or burlap popcorn bags at a rustic wedding reception
  • Display differently colored popcorn in glass jars or vases
  • Rent a popcorn maker and have someone make fresh popcorn for your guests
  • Use chalkboard signs to label the popcorn flavors
  • Decorate your popcorn bar with flowers or wedding themed props

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