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How Long Do Christmas Popcorn Tins Last?

How Long Do Christmas Popcorn Tins Last?

Beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, ornaments, reindeers, and Santa Claus, Christmas popcorn tins are a go-to Christmas gift during the holiday season. 

But how long do Christmas popcorn tins last?

The lifespan of your Christmas popcorn tin can vary from a couple of days to almost a year, depending on several factors. To begin with, if your popcorn is pre-popped, make sure to store the tin in a cold and dry place. You can also transfer it into an airtight glass or plastic container. When stored this way, your Christmas popcorn tin may last for two weeks, retaining its freshness.

The Christmas popcorn tin can last for about two months if it is unopened. A package of dry kernels in your popcorn tin may be stored correctly for up to a year. However, remember that microwaveable kernel options don’t last as long as dry ones.


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