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What to Expect

At least a 50% true profit margin on the sale of our popcorn (no hidden costs for shipping, materials, etc.). Purchase our popcorn for $3.50 per bag and resell for $7 – $10per bag.

Simple sales pitch and low price point. Our suggested resell price of $7 fits most family budgets.

No minimums. Purchase what you sell and nothing more. We pop in small batches and can easily scale to accommodate both small and large orders.

No money up front and free promotional materials. We provide order forms and money collecting envelopes. These materials are completely free to your organization. There is no advance fee that needs to be paid. All you need to do is utilize the materials we provide to boost your sales. Once you collect all orders and money from your participants, send us your order and we’ll invoice you for the total.

Consistent gourmet popcorn, made fresh locally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Free local delivery to your group means time and money saved

Easy product storage and distribution. There are no refrigeration requirements, and a long product shelf life makes popcorn distribution worry-free.

Ongoing customer support and quick turnaround times. We’re here for you when you need us. As a local company, centrally located near Sky Harbor Airport, we are just a 30-minute drive from most customers in the Valley. When your order is ready, we can quickly accommodate your schedule for your distribution to your customers.