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How Do You Serve Popcorn to Guests?

How Do You Serve Popcorn to Guests

There are many creative and original ways to serve popcorn to guests at your wedding and make it a bit more special.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Provide containers to fill popcorn: Ensure to have pretty containers, boxes, bags, buckets, or cups for your guests to put their popcorn servings in. You can buy containers in stores or online or decorate some popcorn boxes on your own!
  • Label popcorn flavors: You don’t want your guests to have guessed what flavors of popcorn they are selecting. So, label each container or box in your popcorn bar with the responding flavor. You can use simple, handwritten labels, elegantly printed labels, or chalkboard popcorn labels to mark each flavor.
  • Consider scoops: If you will serve popcorn in bags or baskets, make sure to provide scoops for each container or flavor so your guests can conveniently help themselves.
  • Protect your popcorn: If your wedding reception takes place outside or in a humid environment, make sure to keep your popcorn covered as much as possible.

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