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Gourmet Popcorn Can Boost Your Business Sales During the Holidays

Gourmet Popcorn Can Boost Your Business Sales During the Holidays

Holidays are a season of togetherness, gift-giving, and enjoying delicious food with family and friends.  

According to the National Confectioners Association, more than 90 percent of Americans plan to gift food such as candies and chocolate during the upcoming holiday season. So, why not think outside of the box and offer original food gifts? Like, popcorn? 

What is the Difference between Gourmet Popcorn and Regular Popcorn?

Unlike regular popcorn that we typically enjoy with seasonings such as salt, cheese, or butter, gourmet popcorn comes with additional seasonings and toppings to create various flavors. 

Everybody loves gourmet popcorn and its salty, sweet, spicy, or savory flavor. From sweet chilly spicy popcorn to cinnamon sugar gourmet popcorn, there is a flavor for every taste. And with seasonal popcorn flavor updates, the choice is nearly endless. 

Where to Sell Gourmet Popcorn During the Holidays?

Gourmet popcorn can be sold anywhere – from ice cream shops and grocery stores to gift shops and restaurants, boosting your business sales during the holidays. In addition, this popular snack can make an original and tempting holiday gift. 

The low cost of corn kernels, spices, and seasoning makes gourmet popcorn an excellent addition to your assortment or menu. 

So, here is how gourmet popcorn can boost your business sales during the holidays. 

  1. Consider Gourmet Popcorn as a Promotion Tool 

Popcorn’s low cost and high margin make it an ideal promotional tool for your business or special event you want to advertise. Offer various flavors, combo deals, original packages, or free gourmet popcorn for children to draw attention to your business.

  1. Offer Flavored Popcorn Samples

Most people get hungry while shopping. Or they stop to buy goods because they are hungry. Adding gourmet popcorn samples to your grocery or candy store assortment will make the experience of shopping at your store more pleasant. So, this can be a great way to increase interest in your location and take advantage of competitors.  

  1. Add Gourmet Popcorn to Your Gift Shop Shelves

Food gifts provide comfort and joy. Gourmet popcorn is convenient to sell at gift stores and other retail venues because it has a long shelf life.  Consider offering personalized gourmet popcorn gift sets or various creative flavors to make it unique. 

You can offer customized popcorn cakes or popcorn gift baskets. Also, you can create Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas-themed popcorn gift sets to boost your business sales during the holidays. 

  1. Use Gourmet Popcorn to Create a Unique Sensory Experience

Research shows that between 85 and 95 percent of our purchases result from subconscious decisions. Senses play a significant role in our decision to buy something. Therefore, creating a sensory display of gourmet popcorn will make it more attractive to customers who love purchasing things that they can smell, touch, see, and taste. 

Additionally, displaying popcorn bags next to registers at checkout is always a great idea.


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