Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Believe us, we've heard all kinds of questions over the years.  We've tried to compile some answers to the most frequently asked questions for your reference and review:

How fast will it take to produce my order?

We can usually produce most orders within 1 day depending on when it's received, the variety of flavors and sizes selected.  Bulk orders for custom favors, wholesale accounts, fundraisers, etc. will typically require at least 3-5 business days' lead time according to production schedules.

How many days does it take to ship my order?

Please reference our shipping chart for the number of days it will take on average to reach your desired destination.  Orders ship from our production facility in Tempe, Arizona.

What's the best way to store popcorn after opening the bag?

Popcorn's greatest enemies are oxygen, moisture, heat, and light.  Minimizing all four elements will greatly reduce the likelihood that your popcorn will spoil before you're able to eat the entire bag.  We recommend re-sealing and storing Kettle Heroes popcorn and kettle corn bags in a dark pantry, cabinet, or even the refrigerator, at or below room temperature.  Kettle corn that is exposed to humid climates will become sticky and chewy, so it's highly advisable that if you're experiencing a rainstorm or you're just unlucky to not live in the desert, that you keep your kettle corn bag sealed when possible.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact us by filling out the form below, emailing us at info@kettleheroes.com or calling us at 1-855-KET-HERO

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